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a few (fun-ish) facts

* I grew up in Santa Cruz, California. 
* I have lived in NorCal, Boston, DC, NYC and currently resides in Los Angeles. California girl at heart, though I LOVE New York.

* I have traveled to Iceland, Ireland, England, Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Hawaii and more. Travel photography is a passion of mine - see a few trips here.
* I am a cat person. I have two kitty cats, Sochi and Mr.White. (Named after the Sochi Olympics - and one of our fave TV shows - Breaking Bad - both on TV when we adopted them..) 

* Fave food: blueberries. Least fave: eggplant.

* I'm a 90's music nerd and know all the moves to the "Oops I did it again" dance. I also love movie soundtracks and I'm pretty obsessed with my fave Broadway shows like Hamilton, Les Mis and under-the-radar fave: BBAJ. 

* I'm generally pretty introverted, but I love being on stage, doing presentations, being in front of the camera. However when it comes to socializing, I'd much rather stay in with the cats, yummy food and Netflix than go to a big party with a bunch of people I barely know. 

* I usually drink matcha lattes, but lately I've been doing mild espresso lattes - one shot of espresso and lots of cinnamon. 

* My fave trip ever was to Dubrovnik Croatia. Aka, King's Landing in Game of Thrones. It was magical in so many ways. Sometimes everything just works out so perfectly. 

* I started my blog in 2006 while living in NYC. I have seen and experienced so much in my years of blogging. From meeting lifelong friends, writing and launching two cookbooks, launching a side project (Finding vegan), giving presentations for brands, developing recipes, photographing, traveling to meet with brands and bloggers all over the country. I am so proud of this entrepreneurial adventure I have been on.
* My most popular recipe: sweet potato veggie burgers. 

* I self-published and illustrated three kids books under my fruit and veggie character brand The lunchbox Bunch, thus my long time twitter name. @lunchboxbunch

* I have worked with top brands: Encha Matcha, SUNSET, California Giant, DOLE, Microsoft, VEGA, Natural Delights Medjool Dates, Gardein, Vitamix and many more. See my work.
Learn more about Kathy and her brands here!
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